Troy Krenning

Troy Krenning

It is always refreshing to see fearless citizens in elected positions actually use their platform to create meaningful change, even if they have to break a few eggs in doing so.  One of these citizen-lawmakers is Troy Krenning of the Loveland City Council.

With barely a year on council, Krenning has already called out the absurd militarization of the local police force, gone after Loveland’s disastrous fracking moratorium, and is standing with our sheriffs against Hickenlooper’s unconstitutional gun control legislation.  Now Krenning has proven that tax cuts are not just mythical things that we hear about during the campaign season.

Just a short month ago, Krenning set his sights on eliminating sales tax at the grocery store, one of the most regressive policies in our tax code.  Amazingly, he was able to do it – an achievement that seems uncommon in today’s sharply divided political landscape where Democrats wield enough power to halt almost any attempt to lower taxes or reduce the size of government.

The Loveland Reporter-Herald published a story today about the town’s plan to eliminate sales tax on groceries, and allow hard working Colorado families to keep more of what they earn.  The story reported that it was Krenning’s initiative in bringing up the measure during a new business portion of a recent meeting before “they [city council] seriously considered the issue.”

Loveland currently taxes food at a rate of three percent.  This new law will reduce that tax to two percent on November 1st of this year, and completely phase out the tax on food in Loveland on November 1, 2017.

Now let’s just hope that someone on the other side of the aisle doesn’t try to claw this back with a plastic bag “fee”, but Democrats, take note. This is how you help the middle class.