Democrats in Colorado are having an increasing difficult time appeasing the far left wing of their party. At every turn, environmental activists seem to be thwart Democrat attempts to appear moderate or reasonable.

Jared Polis

Jared Polis

We’ve written extensively on how this issue has plagued Sen. Michael Bennet. His endorsement of the construction of the Keystone pipeline led to him becoming the target of protests and constant harassment from his base. Gov. John Hickenlooper has also faced his fair share of disgruntled activists.

Now, it appears that Congressman Jared Polis is the latest liberal to find a target on his back. The Sierra Club recently took out a large-scale ad campaign attempting to pressure Polis into opposing a trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, saying it could worsen climate change.

According to The Denver Post, Polis is “the only member of Congress that the California-based group is has singled out for the campaign,” which is pretty interesting considering he’s not the only Democrat inclined to support the trade deal.

Obviously, leftist special interests think that bullying Colorado Democrats into supporting their radical agenda is an effective strategy. First Bennet and Hick, now Polis. Our question is who’s next?