Mayor Hancock is NOT in Indiana here.

Mayor Hancock is NOT in Indiana here.

This post is not about a new law in Indiana.  Well, it sort of is.  We’re not going to debate the merits of the law.  But, we do have a question for Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, who, yesterday, disseminated a press release that prohibits the “use of city funds for non-essential travel to Indiana”.

Hey, Mayor, how about a press release forbidding the use of city funds for non-essential travel anywhere?

Just how much non-essential travel is happening in the Mayor’s office?  Does staff regularly participate in non-essential travel?  Is this another instance of The Haves (government workers) vs. The Have Nots (the people who pay their outsized salaries, benefits, and, apparently, non-essential travel)?

Let’s be real here.  Is there such a thing as non-essential travel to Indiana?  Does anyone go to Indiana on vacation?

“I’ve always wanted to visit Gary, Indiana, often the murder capitol of the country,” said no one ever.

Perhaps the non-essential travel to Indiana could include a tour through Amish Country? Perhaps visit toy and hobby stores, as recommends? Simply put, Indiana is not a vacation destination.

Of course, if non-essential travel isn’t a pervasive thing in the Mayor’s office, then, is he just engaging in the Rahm Emanuel school of thought – never let a good crisis go to waste?  Who doesn’t love a political opportunist?  Oh, pretty much everybody.