april fools

The 4 p.m. announcement today that U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet will switch to the Republican Party has been postponed due to the fact that we made it all up.

April Fools!

Most of our readers were on to us, having clicked on the “party switch” link. Others bit the bait, hard, and were extremely pissed off.

Bottom line, the GOP is not ready to accept Bennet into their ranks.

Total leftie, turncoat, rude, lying scum, kiss a$$, and go away, were some of the more descriptive comments from our gentle readers.

Check the rest of it out here.

In light of our own shenanigans, it was only fitting that the Peak came within an inch, a column inch to be exact, of falling for a prank from the Colorado House Republicans.

Headlined “House Republicans reject Democrat bill to limit magazines,” their press release today said Democrats had introduced the Magazine Reduction Act to restrict possession to just one per person.

We thought this quote was a little odd from Rep. Steven Humphrey:

“There are times when I have two, even three, magazines with me at any given time, and I know a number of my constituents who openly carry magazines every day. I have already heard from doctors and dentists in my district who believe this magazine limit is unconstitutional and law enforcement has again cited enforcement concerns.”

And we might have fallen for it if not for this kicker at the end of the press release:

“Subscribers to Time, the New Yorker and Rolling Stone magazine have already expressed staunch opposition to the bill and started their protest at 12:01 am on April Fools’ Day.”