MichaelBennetofficialphotoUh-oh, another day, another publication heralding just how vulnerable Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet is.  Yesterday, Politico ranked Bennet the 7th most vulnerable Senate race in 2016.  Here’s what Politico folks had to say:

“Sen. Michael Bennet scraped his way to a win in 2010 — a rare Democratic bright spot in that GOP wave year — but watched his counterpart, Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, ousted last November by Republican Cory Gardner, then in the House. Republicans are hopeful they can pull off the feat again in a presidential year.

Bennet started the cycle with $1.2 million on hand, a surprisingly low sum for an incumbent who most recently helmed the Democratic Party’s Senate campaign arm.”

Again, we love when national publications look at Bennet’s win in 2010 as a strength.  But, but, but, all the other Democrats lost in 2010, national media sputters.  But, Bennet just eked that win out – and Republicans had a truly terrible year in Colorado.  That sliver of a win should be mocked, ridiculed, and thrust into the limelight as an example of why Bennet is a weak candidate.  But, neither Politico nor the Washington Post seem to remember any of this.

But, we certainly hope Team Bennet keeps pegging campaign messaging and strategy on this “win” – we would love to see Colorado represented by not just one but two Republican Senators.