Revealing Politics released a new video showing that even Colorado Health Exchange Board Chair, Sharon O’Hara, has doubts about the long-term viability of the organization. The comments came during a meeting to vet candidates for the exchange’s CEO slot.  Watch the clip here:


O’Hara: “If this is doable, [candidate] can make it happen.”

Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik: “You said ‘if this is doable’….”

O’Hara: “I have my doubts on good days.  Today is not one of my good days.”

If Ms. O’Hara has doubts about the viability of the program, why should Coloradans have confidence?  Or as Compass Colorado executive director Kelly Maher noted:

“Obamacare has created widespread doubt in the minds of Coloradans about the long-term viability of their own families. Now the chairwoman of the exchange board is expressing her own doubts about the long-term financial viability of the entire exchange.”