Chris Kennedy and Rep. Max Tyler

Chris Kennedy and Rep. Max Tyler

With U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet donating the equivalent donation he received from indicted Democratic Sen. Menendez to charity and U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman giving Rep. Aaron Schock money (not indicted) to a veterans charity, we would like to dedicate this throwback Thursday post to recently-announced Democratic candidate Chris Kennedy.

For those of you not a Democrat in Jefferson County, you may not have heard of Kennedy, but he announced his intention to replace term limited state Rep. Max Tyler in House District 23. Kennedy was the chairman of the Jeffco Democrats when the Jeffco Democrats’ “Democrat of the Year” was indicted for stealing from a partially-blind 71-year old woman with cerebral palsy.

In terms of targeting vulnerable populations, it hardly gets worse than this.  After we broke the story that this Jeffco Democrat of the Year was stealing and that this thief also donated $600 to the Jeffco Democrats, the Jeffco Democrats offered to give the money back to the partially-blind woman with cerebral palsy.  Actually, no they didn’t.  Instead of giving the money back to the woman from whom it was stolen, Kennedy donated it to charity.

What? That doesn’t make sense.

It makes sense for Bennet and Coffman to give the money to charity because there’s not really another place to park the money.  But, why wouldn’t Chris Kennedy give the money back to the woman it belonged to?  And, to which charity did he donate?  Was it one of the faux C3s that help the Democratic Party?  We wanted these questions answered.  CBS4‘s Tim Wieland tried to get Kennedy to respond.  He basically refused.

Why so shady, Mr. Kennedy?

And, that, PeakNation™, is your #TBT for this week.