Last week, after CBS4 broke the story that the Jefferson County “Democrat of the Year” had robbed a partially blind 71-year-old woman with cerebral palsy, we here at the Peak did a little digging. We reported that the thief in question, Estelle Carson, had donated $600 to the JeffCo Dems since 2010.

We wondered aloud whether Chris Kennedy, the Chair of the JeffCo Dems, was planning on returning the dirty money and asked CBS4 if they would investigate.

Well, investigate they did. Per CBS4‘s News Director, Tim Wieland on Twitter this morning:

It’s not clear what charity the county party donated to, but we find it strange they didn’t donate the money to the victim of their honored party member’s crimes.

Regardless of the continued moral deficiencies of the Jefferson County Democrats, credit is due to CBS4 for uncovering this distasteful drama and doggedly pursuing it until Chris Kennedy and his county party cleansed themselves of the stain of a thief who steals from disabled seniors.

Chalk one more journalistic win up to Colorado’s stellar local TV stations.