If there is one thing that Republicans can rally around it is a universal disdain for former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Ever since she announced her presidential bid, Colorado GOPers have been using it as an opportunity to unite and maybe even raise a little money.Hillary Clinton

U.S. Rep. Ken Buck kicked off the melee with a mass email urging people to “Sign the petition demanding that the FBI do a forensic analysis on Hillary Clinton’s email server.” The premise being that her use of personal email “opened up our country’s most important secrets to foreign enemies” since we don’t know how secure it was.

And this actually isn’t just an issue that resonates with Republicans. A recent Quinnipiac poll revealed a staggering 56 percent of Coloradans said she was untrustworthy, and 52 percent said there should be a congressional investigation into her use of a personal email account to conduct official business.

That same poll also showed that nearly ever single Republican contender either beating Clinton, tying, or within the margin of error to defeat her in this crucial swing state. The Colorado Republican Party is using this hostility toward Clinton to broaden its tent and raise a few bucks. In what we anticipate was the first of many emails, GOP Chairman Steve House is asking for money to help defeat Clinton’s billion dollar machine.

While the Republican presidential primary is shaping up to be a brutal one, at least everyone seems to agree that we can’t afford another Clinton in the White House.