In case you missed it, today was Equal Pay Day, or put simply, the day when Democrats get too cute by half in trying to throw Republicans under the bus on equal pay issues because Republicans won’t use equal pay to line the pockets of Democratic donors (aka Trial Lawyers).

Last year, Democrats tried to claim that Republicans weren’t for pay equity in the workplace, but Dems actually forgot to pay their own staffers equally.  In fact, the Republicans we looked at actually paid their women more equally (and in some cases just more) than Democrats did.  This year, early in the legislative session, Democrats tried again to claim that Republicans did not support pay equality for women in the workplace because Republicans refused to support a sham Pay Equity Commission that Democrats propped up.

This commission not only didn’t honestly examine the issues that women face in the workplace (i.e., it only suggested trial lawyers and unions to help women sue and stick it to the man, respectively), members of the commission actually spoke out about the bullying that occurred toward anyone who suggested that perhaps the commission look beyond trial lawyers and unions to help women thrive in the workplace.  Maybe male Dems should stop pontificating about pay equity and start actually helping their wives with the laundry.  Just a thought, but we digress.

Colorado Women’s Alliance’s Debbie Brown convened two of the women who participated in the commission and who bravely blew the whistle on what a farce it was.  The video is long, but an interesting view into why the commission rightly was decommissioned.