CU Boulder students striving for infinite irrelevancy have been camping outside this week — sleeping in tents that were manufactured in China then transported to America via magic unicorns powered by rainbows — to protest the university’s investments in fossil fuels.

At least they were camping out, before it started snowing today.

We’re guessing this global warming trend chased them back inside their dorm caves where the poor dears are assuredly continuing their struggle without any benefit of fossil fuel to power their computers, cell phones, lights or heat.

But it was all for naught.

CU regents have wisely voted to continue making money with their investments to keep the doors open, in case the kids decide to return to class and learn something. From the Daily Camera:

The resolution passed 7-2 with two Democratic board members, Linda Shoemaker and Irene Griego, voting no. “My frustration with this has been and is with the demonization of energy companies,” said Regent Sue Sharkey, R-Castle Rock. “They’re not our enemy and energy companies provide our society with our existence.”

Bless those kid’s hearts for wanting to make the world a better place in which to play video games like “Watch Dog” and “Wasteland 2.” In the dark.