Bennet EndorsementYesterday, The Hill made a list of all of those who had endorsed liberal presidential contender Hillary Clinton.  In total, Clinton has gathered 99 endorsements from sitting legislators, including Colorado Reps. Polis and Perlmutter.  Surprisingly, despite her Twitter fanaticism, Rep. Degette was not on the list.  But, you know who was on the list was Veep Wannabe, Sen. Bennet, who is facing such a tough re-election campaign that we hear he’s hoping to fail up to the vice president slot.

Given his problem with the base over environmental issues, we were a little surprised to see him there. Will his support of Clinton just further agitate the large radical wing of the Democratic base that thinks fracking is the Devil’s work?  Even worse, with Hillary’s numbers in Colorado, is Bennet caught between a VP slot and voters?  Maybe Bennet wondered that, too, because we have yet to see any kind of press statement or official statement extolling his support for Hillary.  Even in The Hill, Bennet didn’t offer resounding support like many of the other legislators, just the name.  See screen shot.

To that, we call BS – either stand by your (wo)man, or don’t, Sen. Don’t be the guy who tosses a ring at his lady, and says “Here’s your engagement ring, I’m going out with my friends, don’t forget to pick up beer at the store.”  And, to you, Hillary.  Come on, he’s angling for your vice presidential slot and he can’t muster the courage to say something nice?  Not even a “Hillary has great pantsuits”? Nothing?

Play hard to get, Hillary.  For once in your life, demand that men treat you with respect.

Good grief, do we have to help you tie your shoes, too?