Tax day was the perfect time for us to conduct a scientific experiment to illuminate the basic philosophical differences between the Republican and Democrat Party when it comes to our money.

We accomplished this by reviewing a known factor, our Twitter feed of Colorado’s congressional delegation, against the unknown indifference of politicians, to determine who really has our backs in Washington.

Here are our findings, which will be published in an imaginary scientific journal upon the completion of a peer review by PeakNation™.

The scope of the study was initially limited. After banging our head against the wall, the computer terminal, inside the oven (don’t ask), while completing our 2014 tax return before beginning this experiment, we had trouble finding the setting to enlarge the font on the Twitter feed.

The results: Our findings were stark, yet completely expected – Republicans believe all that money Congress is spending belongs to taxpayers, Democrats were oblivious.

I know! We were stunned, too.

Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner tweeted:

“This date serves as an important reminder of the need to reform our tax system to make it simpler and fairer … That’s why I support comprehensive, pro-growth tax reform.”

Bam! We support simpler! It would prevent us from sticking our head in the oven, which turned out to be electric, next time we do our taxes. Go Cory!

Colorado’s other Senator, Democrat Michael Bennet, is up for reelection and apparently asked to be excused from discussing anything of importance, like taxes. He was completely absent from Twitter yesterday.

Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman spent his day in a hearing reviewing how the VA completely mismanaged hundreds of millions of OUR tax dollars on the Aurora hospital. Bonus points.

Rep. Diana DeGette, Democrat, is fighting for opportunities for Americans by giving us free stuff we already paid for, and by making sure that folks who work hard are not paying into the trillions of dollars that pour into the Treasury every year. Only people who don’t work hard and have millions of dollars to show for it should pay taxes. It’s a meme, what did you expect?  


Republican Rep. Scott Tipton says it’s time to repeal the death tax. WooHoo!

Meanwhile, Democrat Rep. Jared Polis skipped tax day and appears to have attended a masquerade party dressed as former Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell.

Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn was at the VA hearing with Coffman, berating officials for wasting our money.

Democrat Rep. Ed Perlmutter was tweeting about his plans for Earth Day, which is next week.

And from Republican Rep. Ken Buck:  

YES, yes we do feel like we’re taxed enough.

The undeniable results are in:

Democrats were painfully oblivious to the suffering of Coloradans on April 15th. Although her meme was delusional, DeGette was the only Democrat who even acknowledged it was tax day.

Every single Republican tackled the high-taxes issues, and were actually working on our behalf to conduct the congressional oversight of tax dollar spending they were elected to do.

Please to be remembering this come election day.