Are you a woman looking for a job in the field of oil and gas development? Then you too can become a prostitute or a maid!

It’s a little known fact — except among feminists — that women are too stupid to be engineers. They’re not smart enough to be scientists, managers, or work in IT, they’re too clumsy to be clerks or operate equipment, they’re not qualified to do marketing, public relations, or human resources, or even answer the damn telephone, apparently.

Cleaning pipes, or cleaning pipes — that’s the only options according to New York fractivist Sandra Steingraber.

The revelation came during an asinine lecture she presented earlier this month at the University of Pittsburgh titled “Fracking is a Feminist Issue: Women Confronting Fossil Fuels and Petrochemicals in an Age of Climate Emergency.”

Valerie Richardson of the Washington Times reported on Steingraber’s Stone Age logic:

“Fracking as an industry serves men. Ninety-five percent of the people employed in the gas fields are men. When we talk about jobs, we’re talking about jobs for men, and we need to say that.”

“The jobs for women are ‘hotel maid’ and ‘prostitute.’ So when fracking comes into a community, what we see is that women take a big hit, especially single women who have children who depend on rental housing.”

Actually, women filled more than a quarter-million jobs in the industry last year, according to the American Petroleum Institute.

Way to support your hard-working sisters in the field, Steingraber. We didn’t realize that being a feminist meant calling smart women who successfully compete in the workplace a bunch of whores.

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell also worked in the oil fields of Oklahoma for more than a decade for Mobil. We’re guessing this liberal luminary would also disagree with Steingraber’s theory.

Steingraber, by the way, was a double agent in the New York fracking ban battle, acting as both peer reviewer of a study to support the ban, while advocating for the ban.