220px-Cory_Gardner,_Official_Portrait,_112th_CongressDear United States Senate, please drop everything and pass this bill Cory Gardner introduced today, that gives states a chance to save the sage grouse before the feds doom the creature to the endangered species list where only one percent of the critters ever recover.

They should call it the Endangered Economy Act instead of species, because the abused law has had more success at killing off businesses than actually saving plants and animals.

Unfortunately, envirowhacktivists aren’t even interested in saving truly endangered species, or else they would be trying to protect all threatened critters, and not just the ones whose habitat just happens to cross areas where energy is developed.

But we digress.

Gardner’s bill would give the 11 affected states six years to continue local and state conservation plans, before determining if the bird population teetering on the brink of extinction with a mere half-million population has improved.

Colorado has already spent $72 million to protect the bird, and set aside more than 250,000 acres for its habitat. That’s what rational folks call an outstanding start.

As a bonus, Gardner’s bill would also require the Interior Department to share scientific data with states.

One would think the federal government is already sharing their data with states that are trying to protect the grouse.

One would be wrong.

If we are seriously going to try and increase the grouse population, the feds need to share that information with scientists on the ground. Does us no good locked away in a Washington file cabinet.

“Coloradans know best how to protect our own precious natural resources,” Gardner said. “Western states have invested time and resources into developing conservation plans since 2011, and the bipartisan Western Governors Association has repeatedly expressed support for a state-based approach.

“Now, the time has come for the federal government to allow these states to put their plans into action, protecting the sage-grouse while mitigating any negative effects on jobs and our economy. I’m proud to lead this effort in the United States Senate, and I’ll work hard to ensure my bill passes.”

Godspeed, Mr. Gardner.