colorado-state-capitolIt looks like Democrats may be confused. Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony on Senate Bill 268, which would allow prosecutors to charge perpetrators for the death of a fetus as in the horrific case of Michelle Wilkins, whose daughter Aurora was brutally cut from her stomach and died. Despite the clear gap in the legal system for this type of heinous crime, Democrats seemed desperate to define this bill as personhood, when it explicitly is not.  The bill specifically exempts:

“…an act committed by the mother of her unborn child; a medical procedure performed by a physician or other licensed medical professional at the request of a mother of her unborn child or the mother’s legal guardian; or to the lawful dispensation or administration of lawfully prescribed medication….”

And it only applies to the death of a fetus in the following circumstances: murder in the first degree, murder in the second degree, manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, vehicular homicide, assault in the first degree, assault in the second degree, assault in the third degree, and vehicular assault.

Yet, Democrat front group after Democrat front group lined up yesterday to willfully ignore the very explicit and narrowly-defined language in the bill in their attempts to link it to the much-reviled personhood.  Someone should tell Colorado Right to Life because the pro-personhood group came out against the legislation…because it wasn’t personhood.

“Because they chose to include language that is not life-affirming and in fact, legitimizes Planned Parenthood’s grisly business of killing babies, Colorado Right to Life has no choice but to honor God and oppose the bill, as written.”

Nonetheless, the verbiage deniers on the left screamed yesterday that this bill was personhood (it’s not), that the bill punishes mothers who seek abortions (it doesn’t), and/or punishes doctors who perform abortions (it doesn’t). In fact, their claims were so outrageous that one had to question whether any of them had actually read the bill.

But, the Denver Post, not exactly a bastion of pro-personhood folks, agreed that this gap in justice is unacceptable.

Republican Sen. Ellen Roberts, who is pro-choice, described it best: “This bill, I don’t see it about abortion. I see it as criminal justice.”

Too bad Democrats are so beholden to Planned Parenthood, that they can’t support justice for a horrific crime.