Loretta Lynch was confirmed today as the new attorney general to replace Eric Holder by a Senate vote of 56 to 43 – that means 10 Republicans crossed party lines to support President Obama’s nominee.

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner was not one of them.

Gardner voted against the confirmation, while U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, SURPRISE! voted for Lynch to lead the scandalicious and highly-politicized agency that pisses off Coloradans on a regular basis.

Whether it’s the Justice Department’s opposition to Second Amendment rights, the Fast and Furious scandal, surveillance of citizens and the media, the Weather Underground pardons, or treating terrorists like the Fort Hood shooter as a criminal instead of an enemy combatant, we’ve counted on the Justice Department to be too embroiled in their own mess to prosecute any wrongdoing throughout this entire administration.

It comes as a surprise to no one we know that Lynch refused during her confirmation process to answer even the most basic question put to her by lawmakers.

Here’s what Gardner had to say about his vote:

“Despite multiple attempts, I was unable to get sufficient answers to several extremely important questions relating to prosecutorial discretion, federal preemption of state law, Second Amendment rights, and other issues important to Coloradans.

“On topics from the President’s executive actions to when exactly federal law trumps that of the states, Ms. Lynch declined, both in person and via letter, to provide satisfactory answers that would have helped me determine how exactly her confirmation as Attorney General would affect the lives of Coloradans. With too many unanswered questions, I am unable to support her confirmation.”

No word yet from Bennet as to why he supported Lynch’s confirmation.