colorado-state-capitolStop the presses! Democrats and Republicans in Colorado actually agree on something: the caucus system isn’t fun when it comes to selecting presidential nominees. A presidential primary would be more fun and would involve more people.

The caucus system is complicated, and is basically just a straw poll, so presidential contenders aren’t really interested in spending time campaigning for a vote that is, in a lot of ways, meaningless. Also, if a voter can’t make caucus night, he or she cannot participate in the process, so campaigns can’t even really build a base of support in a state that is so important in the presidential election.

If presidential candidates aren’t coming to Colorado, neither is the media. They’d much rather spend their time in New Hampshire or Iowa, where all the excitement happens. And we want attention, dammit.

Colorado is a bellwether state; it deserves a more attention. So, lawmakers have decided nobody’s gonna put Colorado in the corner anymore.

The proposed legislation would add a presidential primary, and keep the current caucus system and June primary for state-level contests. Details are still being worked out, and there’s no certainty when the bill would be introduced.

It’s a good idea, both parties agree, but session’s over in two weeks…tick tock, tick tock.