U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman

U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman

The Democrats have selected what they believe will be their winning strategy to defeat U.S. Rep. Michael Coffman in the next election –- whichever contest he chooses and against whomever he runs.

And that is, to attack his record on veterans.

The silence of the crickets is deafening.

However, we approve of this strategy wholeheartedly. We think it’s the most politically brilliant thing we’ve seen from the Democratic Party since throwing their support behind Hillary Clinton as the candidate we can trust for president.

Attack the military veteran, who is respected by military veterans, for his solid record on veterans affairs — we say go for it!

Taking their attack-dog lead from the White House, the VA, and the National Democratic Party, ProgressNow Colorado has gone a step further and released a report purporting to show that Coffman is SINGLE-HANDEDLY responsible for the massive cost overruns at the Aurora VA hospital.

Behold, the press release:

ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, released a new report documenting Coffman’s own oversight responsibility over the project, and failure to take action for years despite knowing that massive cost overruns were occurring.

Who would know better, than a state online progressive advocacy organization, about the internal workings of the VA bureaucracy?

We’re going to go with, uhm, THE VA.

The VA secretary and deputy secretary said they had NO CLUE about these cost overruns until just recently, but Coffman knew, Democrats claim.

He knew because he has oversight of the VA subcommittee … that the VA declined to inform of the cost overruns.

We’re telling you, it’s brilliant and we strongly urge the Democrats to stay with this strategy. We predict it will provide A HUGE win next year for Coffman.

ProgressNow is the leading advocacy group on Democratic advocacy when it comes to helping Democrats, with a strong record of not having done poop diddly-squat for veterans.

Except for this political stunt, devised to draw attention away from the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing in Aurora today, that would actually help Colorado get the support it needs from Congress to fund and complete the hospital.

But instead, the Democrat activists are attacking the strongest supporter we have to get that hospital built.

Believe that is called, “grandstanding.”