We haven’t had a chance to pick up Dana Perino’s new book yet, but getting a copy is on the top item of our weekend to-do list. All week, readers have been emailing us about a juicy nugget in the book that involves the author being insulted by our very own Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia.  A.K.A. the guy that Gov. John Hickenlooper once introduced as a “sex star.”

Dana Perino

Perino’s book is called “And the Good News Is…,” and she will be promoting it in Colorado in a few weeks. She grew up in the state, attended Ponderosa High School in Parker and graduated from Colorado State University in Pueblo.   Perino later became the White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush, and her book is about her life and experience during that time.

Apparently, in the chapter about the lack of civility in politics (go figure!), Perino details how Garcia insulted her at a commencement speech and eventually had to apologize – but not before the President somehow got involved. We’re light on the details having not read it yet ourselves, but we certainly cannot wait to get the full story!

Sounds like Garcia comes off as a jerk, which is not totally inconsistent with some of the stories we’ve heard about how he conducts himself….