It finally happened… hell has frozen over, pigs have learned to fly, and there is a piece of legislation that is too liberal for the City of Boulder to support.

House Bill 1264, the so-called homeless bill of rights, would allow people living on the street unlimited use of public spaces and the right to sleep in someone else’s “legally parked car.” Not only does this offend normal sensibilities, it is too much even for the hippies of Boulder.

Here is what Boulder City Attorney Tom Carr told the City Council last week:

“If this statute passed, the city would probably be challenged at least on its camping ordinance and probably on its park closures. It seems intended to prevent municipalities from passing ordinances intended to control public spaces. Those ordinances were all adopted through the public process.”

No one should be treated like a criminal because they live on the street, but the homeless are not entitled to unrestricted reign over public spaces just because they might not have anywhere else to go. We’re as shocked as anyone at what we’re about to write, but… we agree with the City of Boulder – HB 1264 goes way too far.