carrollIt’s unfortunate that Senate President State Senator Morgan Carroll doesn’t have a clue about the legislation that she’s voting on.  Never was this more apparent than when she posted a diatribe on her Facebook page claiming that the State Senate, controlled by Republicans, passed a bill that would have given tax credits to soda companies.  That’s entirely false.

The Senate passed a bill, SB274, which reinstated the sales and use tax exemption for soft drinks (read: pop is no longer taxed, as it was not taxed prior to 2010).  The rationale for reversing the tax was simply that soda was a food item.  In Colorado, grocery items are not taxed. Thus, soda should not be taxed.  Pretty straightforward.

But here’s how Carroll characterizes it:

“…gives a tax break to soda companies to the tune of $15 million + per year.”

When Carroll says that this tax exemption would benefit soda companies, she clearly has no clue how this tax works. See, it’s grocery shoppers who incur the tax when they buy the product.  In fact, this tax likely would disproportionately impact low income earners because a greater percentage of their income goes to food purchases.  So, in essence, Democrats who voted against this bill actually hate poor folks. Jerks.

But, none of these facts prevented Carroll from encouraging her Facebook followers to lash out against Republicans for subsidizing “childhood obesity and diabetes”.

Too bad Carroll cares more about parroting Michelle Obama’s healthy kids talking points than she does about actually saving families a some money at the grocery store.  Can we finally put to rest the notion that Democrats are for the middle class when they vote against reducing the cost of a food product and, then, lie about it?