DegetteWho knew that it cost so much money in campaign travel expenses to be Denver’s congressional representative?

Diana DeGette’s campaign spent a whopping $26,000 on travel, but the jaw-dropper is her Uber bill for more than $14,500 in this three-month period covered by the latest FEC campaign report.

Where on God’s green Earth did they drive her? Outer Mongolia, round-trip?



DeGette’s campaign also spent nearly $2,400 for stays at a swank Philadelphia hotel, nearly $800 for a stay in Dallas and about $400 on Amtrak tickets, because Denver.

Her catering bill was a little steep at $11,000. We understand that some of that money would be spent in DC, but we’re still scratching our head over the $1,700 tab at a ritzy Vail restaurant.

We would also question the need for a congresswoman representing Denver to spend $1,000 to rent a “facility” at the Sonnenalp in Vail. Perhaps that was a spa day.

The campaign doled out nearly $48,000 to campaign and fundraising consultants, who if doing their job correctly, probably should have helped her collect more than this period’s meager $76,637 in individual contributions, especially since her operating expenses this period topped $76,037.

If it weren’t for the $53,500 her campaign collected from Political Action Committees, DeGette would have added only $600 to the bank this period.