While some Congressmen relish in swanky steak at DC’s trendiest foodie joints, Mike Coffman’s tastes are decidedly more spaghetti and meatball.

A Politico gossip column today outlined how Members of Congress spend their campaign funds at a variety of fancy DC eateries.

Whereas many Members have racked up big bills at upscale joints in the Capitol region, Politico found Coffman spending campaign funds at fundraisers at the decidedly less fancy Maggiano’s Little Italy in the DTC.coffman maggianos

The Politico story is more than a bit disingenuous, in one respect. Coffman didn’t eat $25,000 worth of rigatoni. As the Colorado Statesman and others have reported, Coffman hosts huge small-dollar fundraisers at the south Denver Italian joint, featuring hundreds of guests.

While official Washington chomps on marbleized bone-in Ribeye for $50,000 a pop (Michael Bennet, is your mouth watering?), Coffman’s approach is more working class – noodles, red sauce and $50 cover charges.