Check out all of that wilderness bill “action!”

Standing by the side of the road!

Wearing loafers!

Staring at a map!

Posing for a photo op!

It’s more than our heart can stand.

In other “action!” news, that little dude standing next to Polis is The U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, the same witch hunter who targeted scholars including CU Boulder Professor Roger Pielke, Jr., for daring to challenge the Obama administration’s belief on climate change.

Grijalva demanded that certain political enemies scientists turn over all records of funding requests in the hope of tarnishing their findings and to smear dissenters.

It was such a clear abuse of congressional powers, that the scientific community fired back at Grijalva demanding he cease and desist.

Grijalva offered a meager apology for his actions, but continued demands that scientists divulge every funding request they’ve ever made.

The only action we would like to see out of this duo, is Polis hustling his buddy right back over the state line from whence he came.