light switchGov. Hickenlooper is waffling over a recent court decision that threatens to shut down the Colowyo Mine near Craig, saying he stands ready to push back against the decision, he’s just not sure whether his office will actually appeal the ruling.

Way to commit, Hick.

At stake are 220 jobs, nearly $275 million to the regional economy, and the mineral supply for the largest coal-fired power plants in the state.

Driving that stake into the heart of Western Slope families who count on the Craig station to power their homes and their environmentalist-approved electric cars, is WildEarth Guardians who brought suit against the mine.

The judge on Friday did not rule that the mine had actually done anything wrong, rather he determined that federal bureaucrats failed to predict whether the mining operations might possibly cause environmental harm AND they failed to ask the public what it thought.

Essentially, Moffat County stands to loose electricity and 200 folks are facing unemployment lines because of a missing bureaucratic layer of studies.

Hick appeared to be playing on both teams Tuesday when he declined to commit to a course of action, but told the Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado:

“Energy is a big part of the economy all across Colorado. Coal and L.N.G are facets of that jewel, and we have to protect all of them.”

So protect them, Hick. Take the legal action necessary to keep the lights on in Craig.