Bridges LinkedinEarlier this week, another left-leaning blog published a ridiculous story about trackers following Morgan Carroll in Washington, D.C. as if the GOP is terrified of her candidacy for the Sixth Congressional.  (We’re not – we beg for Morgan Carroll as a candidate.) All of this is simply a campaign to help Carroll’s sputtering star shine just a bit brighter.  Here why – she’s not really the candidate that Democrats want in CD6. And, she knows that.

While Carroll traipses around Washington, D.C., Democrats are really courting a lesser-known, but perhaps more polished (read: richer) candidate in Jeff Bridges.  If the name Bridges rings a bell, it should.  Jeff Bridges is the son of Gang of Four player Rutt Bridges. Word on the street that Rick Palacio, chair of the Colorado Democratic Party, is begging and pleading with Bridges to return to Colorado to run in CD6.  (Of course, Palacio has his own issues as there is apparently a special meeting to cut his salary after he raised his pay and rigged his election.)

But, who is Jeff Bridges besides the son of a rich guy who ran for governor?  First, it’s helpful to know that he doesn’t live in Colorado, and to the best of our knowledge, and according to LinkedIn, he’s living in Manhattan.  If voters dinged Andrew Romanoff for having trouble finding his way from Denver to Aurora, they should know that the route from Manhattan to Aurora is far longer – literally and figuratively.

In New York City, he’s the head of public affairs at Union Theological Seminary, an off-shoot of Columbia University. Oddly enough, he was listed as one of the media contacts two weeks ago, but is no longer listed.

Union Theological Seminary

His website provides a great overview of who he is.  But, does he sound that much different than Andrew Romanoff?  Bridges attended Harvard Divinity School.  You know, just like all those folks in Aurora. Wait.  No, not really.  In fact, it looks like nearly every job he’s every had has been a political one.

It’s not that he’s a bad guy or that people who work in politics are bad people (wait…), but how well will Bridges identify with the average voter in Adams County?  Perhaps the salt-of-the-earth voters in Adams County and Bridges can swap tales of debauchery at Cambridge, or that time they were both in Politico.  No, that has little to do with the struggles that folks in Adams County are dealing with on a daily basis.  Colorado voters said loud and clear that they were done with dynasties (looking at you, Mark Udall). Democrats are waiting for Bridges, voters want a representative who will understand their plight, and nobody but Morgan Carroll wants Morgan Carroll.

Nobody, but us, that is.  We would delight in a Morgan Carroll CD6 candidacy.  Pretty please?