Here's to the losers!

Here’s to the losers!

Oh to be a Democrat who loses an election, what a lottery ticket that is. Last week, we reported that Joe Neguse was offered Democrats’ most fought after spot (we can only assume) – top regulator in the state. An astute reader pointed out that everyone is getting a patronage job in the Hick administration.

In addition to Neguse, it appears Democrat candidate from the Fifth Congressional District (aka, Colorado Springs) Irv Halter also won by losing.  He is now the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Local Affairs.  PeakNation™ may recall that Don Quick, the failed Attorney General candidate, also became a judge in the 17th Judicial District. He applied for the post before his election was even lost. Early bird Democrat gets the worm.

The only question is – what patronage job did Betsy Markey get?  Did Governor Hickenlooper give Neguse, Quick, and Halter jobs, but not Markey? What a sexist!  Nonetheless, for all the talk about Hick being less partisan than other politicians, he sure seems to have the political patronage scheme down pat.