Jeremy Jojola, an investigative reporter for 9News, tweeted an absolutely hilarious letter from Sen. Pat Steadman, today, in which the Denver lawmaker calls Jojola “self-righteous” and “smug” and says that he “just despise[s] television news people…”

The note was written to someone named Linda (Sen. Linda Newell perhaps?) and warns her to be “careful” because they are about to get an open records request. Steadman complains about how many emails he receives and the fact that since session is over he no longer has an aide who can help respond to these requests.

It is candidness at its best and was undoubtedly meant to be private. But given Steadman’s level of disdain for television reporters, we can’t help but wonder if the email was turned over on purpose or if it was an accident. He is term limited after all, so maybe this is just the first taste of Pat Steadman unfiltered.