MichaelBennetofficialphotoTwo years and counting.  That is how long the IRS has stalled in furnishing correspondence between the agency and Congressional Democrats that Washington Republicans requested under the Freedom of Information Act. These document requests date back to the scandal that erupted when it became clear that the notorious agency was targeting conservative leaning non-profits with various administrative tactics to hinder their progress and mission.

Left-wing IRS bureaucrats created a list of key words that triggered delays in the determination of non-profit status.  Some of these words included:  tea party, Israel, and 9/12.  Obama’s IRS commissioner infamously asserted her Fifth Amendment rights when asked about this practice before Congress.

But a major unanswered question that remains is what did Senator Bennet know and when did he know it?  The National Republican Senatorial Committee, a group with a mandate to target vulnerable Democrats (like Bennet) for electoral elimination is trying to establish exactly that.

Bennet’s correspondence is especially relevant as he chaired the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee during the prior election cycle – a Senate election that most Democrat operatives would rather forget.

Maybe some enterprising journalists need to go straight to Bennet with questions regarding his communications with the IRS about conservative group targeting.  Was he collaborating with the despised agency in an attempt to save the likes of Mary Landrieau, Kay Hagan, and our very own do-nothing senator, Mark Udall (remember him!)?