Have you ever been talking to someone and just had a feeling that person is lying to your face? That must be how the Jefferson County School Board feels right about now. Jeffco Public Schools

As contract negotiations between the Jeffco teachers union and the school board approach, our friends at CompleteColorado.com have uncovered that the union has sent out a “STRIKE FAQs” flier to all its organization’s representatives throughout the school district.

So much for negotiating in good faith. According to Complete, “the flier preps the representatives on a sundry of issues related to organizing a strike, including the legality of a strike, whether or not employees who strike will be paid, and how long a potential strike may last.”

How can the teachers union be committed to bargaining with the board (as they claim) yet be more than willing to entertain the idea of a strike at the same time?   The answer is, they can’t.

The union has been behaving in this same obstructionist way since a new majority won control of the Jeffco School Board in 2013. They sued the board over the implementation of a pay-for-performance plan for new hires and staged “sickouts” last year that caused numerous schools to close for the day.

If the old adage that actions speak louder than words is true, then we can only assume the Jeffco teachers union will continue to be as difficult and obstructionist as possible.

JCEA "Strike FAQs" Watermarked