Secretly dream of becoming a radical ecoterrorist and seeing your name on the FBI’s most wanted list, but you just don’t have the wardrobe?

Well now you can!

Those crazy Castle Rock kids who think it’s cool to wear clothing fashioned after arsonists are now selling their “Prairie Dog Liberation Front” t-shirts online.

The t-shirt is sponsored by the WildLands Defense Action, which appears to exist only as a Facebook page with more than 650 followers.

Available in black, white, green or our favorite, purple, the t-shirt features an illustration of prairie dogs sporting machine guns with bandoliers stretched across their chests.

We told you about this critter liberation movement last month after an opponent of the Castle Rock mall proudly displayed one of the shirts at a town council meeting.

We also reminded you that the name is an off-shoot of the Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front, both characterized as “terrorist threats” by the FBI that have committed more than 600 criminal acts resulting in damages of $43 million dollars. The Earth Liberation Front is the organization responsible for the arson on Vail Mountain in 1998 that caused $12 million in damages.

The prairie dog liberators weren’t amused with our last post.

This is what they have to say on their t-shirt page:

“WildLands Defense Action is unaware of any militant prairie dog colonies nor have we encountered any individual renegade prairie dogs who have taken up arms. In the event that WLD Action is approached by any faction of militant and/or guerilla prairie dogs asking for support of any prairie dog insurrection, I am confident our board would abstain from extending material support.”