Power hungry EPA now has control over your ditch.

Power hungry EPA now has control over your ditch.

Like the wicked weather of late ripping across the mountains and plains of Colorado, Washington’s water grabs seem to be endless.

Oh look, here comes another one now — it’s going to regulate seasonal streams popping up all over the state and running through private property. Also on the EPA’s hit list are ditches, ranch and farm ponds – if it’s bigger than a mud puddle, the EPA say it impacts all U.S. waters giving them jurisdiction to enforce federal pollution laws.

The good news is the public LOVES these new regulations! We know, because the New York Times told us all about how the Obama administration spent a ton of our tax dollars to illegally lobby the public to support this catastrophe.

Gina McCarthy, the agency’s administrator, told a Senate committee in March that the agency had received more than one million comments, and nearly 90 percent favored the agency’s proposal.

But critics say there is a reason for the overwhelming result: The E.P.A. had a hand in manufacturing it.

In a campaign that tests the limits of federal lobbying law, the agency orchestrated a drive to counter political opposition from Republicans and enlist public support in concert with liberal environmental groups and a grass-roots organization aligned with President Obama.

Also loving the feds coming into our backyards to inspect our ditches are U.S. Reps. Diana DeGette and Jared Polis. In her typical Orwellian fashion, DeGette said the rule would “provide certainty for businesses and agriculture.”

No more guessing! Now, they’re CERTAIN it will cost them a bundle to wade through the new red tape!

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner called the new rule exactly what it is – “a massive expansion of federal power and puts the EPA in the ludicrous position of acting as the main regulator of ponds, ditches, and even intermittent streams across the country.”

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is so far avoiding the controversy, as usual. The National Republican Senatorial Committee had to issue a statement urging Colorado’s senior senator to stand up to the Obama administration and denounce the EPA’s rule, but still no word from Bennet’s D.C. digs.

“Senator Michael Bennet continues to cave to radical environmentalists at the expense of Colorado farmers and workers,” said NRSC spokesman Matt Connelly. “It’s time for Senator Bennet to stand up to the EPA on the Waters of the United States rule and actually put Colorado first for once instead of focusing on supporting President Obama 100 percent of the time.”

We’re not holding our breath. Bennet is so busy running for reelection and signing onto every random bill and letter that his Democratic colleagues demand, he doesn’t have time to actually stand up for Coloradans, or their water.