MayorJohnWHickenlooper2Please say it isn’t so.  Denver Post Duchess Lynn Bartels reported that Chief Digital Strategist Max Potter will leave his part-time job at the Governor’s office so he can write a book about his esteemed boss.

We can’t imagine there’s a ton of demand for this…unless Governor Hickenlooper is thinking of running for a different office.  Is there something you’d like to tell us Governor? Is this your first step in following the Obama School of Running for Office?

Over and over Hick has worked to spin his life story.  He downplays the fact that he came from a fairly pedigreed background, yet likes to talk up his alleged bootstrapping to start a brewpub.  We’ve reported on this dichotomy here.  We will be interested to see how Potter delicately dances around this.

Nonetheless, we know we’ve given Potter a hard time over the years, but we hope he views us less as an adversary and more of an annoying sibling.  In that spirit, we would like to offer some proposed titles for his book:

  • Ham Sandwiches at Midnight, Beer for Breakfast: The Life and Times of John Hickenlooper
  • Taking a Stand (Or Not, We’re Not Sure): Ambling Along with Hick
  • How to Turn a Pedigreed Past into a Story of Americana
  • When Kids Have More Common Sense Than Parents: A Guide

We can’t wait for our signed copy.  Will we make the acknowledgments? We’d be tickled to know we’re such an inspiration.