gunAmericans would get a second chance at getting their Second Amendment rights reinstated under new gun legislation passed by the House Tuesday night.

The Justice Department spending bill was slapped with an amendment by U.S. Rep. Ken Buck that said youthful indiscretions should not define a person’s entire life.

“America is a land of second chances … A law-abiding, 45-year-old dad who made one mistake at 18 should have the choice of how best to protect his family or to take his kids hunting. He should have the chance to make a petition to restore his constitutional right to bear arms. This solution is long overdue.”

The procedure is a long shot, but at least it offers a chance. Petitioners could ask the District Court to restore their rights, but the process has to go through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Actually, we already had that entitlement, but every year a rider by Democrat Chuck Schumer of New York has stripped that right.

The tricky part now will be to keep Buck’s amendment intact and shielded from a veto threat by the White House, which is already renewing their anti-gun crusade.

The Justice Department has more than a dozen new anti-gun regulations they plan to enact this year, including new pistol regulations and more gun storage requirements.

They’ve also come up with some sort of secret plan to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally deranged, which is interesting because most folks in Washington, D.C., already can’t own a gun.