It looks as if The Great Prairie Dog Revolution of 2015 might have been resolved.

Who knew it would all come down to blackmail money?

The Prairie Dog Liberation Front led by WildLands Defense had a multiple list of threats against the town council, when suddenly, POOF$, all was settled this week.


According to The Statesman, the threats included a referendum on the zoning ordinance that allowed construction of a Castle Rock mall above the subterranean kingdom of the famed prairie dog.

If that failed, plans had already been devised by a political consultant to launch a recall campaign against half of the town council this year, and a full-scale opposition campaign when the other half of the board stood for reelection next year.

The solution, as we stated, was cold, hard cash. Money to payoff WildLands Defense that said the funds were desperately needed to create a prairie dog preserve, also known as a bunch of holes in the ground.

According to council member George Teal, wildlife advocates initially demanded $25 million to walk away from the issue to dig holes in the ground.

The final amount will not be disclosed, however, it has been estimated at six figures – an amount we presume is sufficient enough to provide a lifestyle to which prairie dogs have apparently grown accustomed.

We would just like to add … What the Hell?!

Does the greed of these so-called environmentalists know no bounds?

What are they going to do when the little prairie condos fill up and the preserve is overpopulated by the rodents? Make even more money off the critters by turning it into a game preserve and open it up for hunting?

Because, we wish.

There is still one lingering little problem for WildLands, and that is their pissed off minions of the Prairie Dog Liberation Front.

Here’s what Castle Rock resident Stacey Rogers, who gathered petition signatures, told The Statesman:

“It seems to me, and again this is speculation, that they [WildLands] got what they wanted. They don’t care any more,” said Rogers.

“What’s going on. Did someone get paid off???” said Debi Patrick Stalker on the Facebook page, Save the Castle Rock Mall Prairie Dogs.

Ya think?

We don’t expect this issue to go away quietly. These liberation folks are pretty rabid about their prairie dog love. One Facebook commenter actually compared the rodent’s plight to the Holocaust.