Prices rising slowly? That’s great, because the initial price tags were exorbitant. Just ask ski resort locals who are paying some of the highest rates in the nation. Not to mention, Colorado families have seen their premiums increase by 35 percent.

No one denied for pre-existing conditions?

Uhm, President Obama should probably check his own plan, which does in fact deny coverage for pre-existing conditions for workers who are between jobs, or those who were laid off and forced into the short-term plans.

For example, an employee with cancer is suddenly laid off, fired, or has to quit their job because of their illness. While they are on that one-year plan, those bank-breaking cancer treatments are not covered.

Adding insult to injury, the short-term plans don’t even count as full insurance, so the consumer is still forced to pay the penalty for being uninsured.

Obama’s speech today at the Catholic Health Association lauded his namesake health care disaster for a reason – the Supreme Court is expected to rule later this month on whether insurance subsidies were available to all Americans, which of course, it is not.