New Belgium logoThe chickens are finally coming home to roost for New Belgium Brewery, the beer company that the Peak has railed against since 2012 for being hyperpartisan. Craig Daily Press is reporting that local liquor stores are pulling New Belgium products, as well as several other beer companies, from its shelves after it was discovered that the companies were funding Wild Earth Guardians, which is suing to close down a coal mine in Craig, Colo. The loss of the coal mine would devastate the area as it employs approximately 200 people and provides countless other economic benefits.

Craig liquor store owner Lori Gillam told the Craig Daily Press why she and other local liquor stores are protesting the funders:

“We pulled those beers because their support of WildEarth Guardians… who said their ultimate goal is to shut down coal mines.  Craig is a coal mine town.”

It’s about time people woke up to New Belgium’s political meddling.  In response to Craig’s economic protest, New Belgium offered this statement:

“At New Belgium Brewing, we support non-profit partners who advocate for healthy watersheds. Wild Earth Guardians first contacted New Belgium in 2008 seeking grant money for restoration projects along the Colorado River. We supported these efforts because Colorado businesses, residents and the environment are dependent upon sound water management,” according to the press release. “Specific to any work Wild Earth Guardians has done regarding the ColoWyo and Trapper mines, we were unaware of it at the time and that is outside the scope of our grant allocations. We have no further funding pending at this time.”

This is complete and utter crap. New Belgium prides itself on only hiring left-leaning individuals and has engaged in countless job-killing activities. For example, in 2012, New Belgium’s chief told the Wall Street Journal:

“In Colorado, executives  at New Belgium Brewing Co. have made their political views public. Indeed, CEO  Kim Jordan attended the Democratic Convention in Charlotte earlier this year.  Favored candidates have also been permitted to hold events at the brewery.

Still, “we try to be really careful to allow everyone to have their own  opinion,” says Jenn Vervier, the director of sustainability and strategic  planning at the 450-employee company. Because the company considers “cultural  fit” when hiring, she says, most staffers tend to agree on partisan issues.”

Then, in 2013, New Belgium signed a letter along with 25 other brewers protesting fracking because it was concerned about water quality, despite the fact that there has never been a documented case of fracking contaminating drinking water.

We would like to believe New Belgium as it pleads ignorance on this matter, but New Belgium has over and over engaged in job-killing, irrational environmental demands. No crying into their beer now.