A recent poll released by the Republican National Committee, shows that Hillary Clinton is “clearly unpopular” among battleground state Independents, including those in Colorado.

She trails the generic Republican candidate 40%-36% in key states that include: Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada. What is most intriguing, however, is that Clinton does not enjoy a significant advantage with independent women in those 10 swing states. Her favorable to unfavorable ratio with Independent women is barely a net favorable (49:43), and she only leads the generic Republican by 3-points among them. That is certainly a small enough gap for the eventual GOP nominee to close in the next 18 months. Hillary Rodham Clinton

Clinton’s struggle with Independent women in Colorado could potentially be attributed to her hypocrisy on equal pay, having only paid her female Senate staff 72 cents on the dollar. Let’s not forget that failed Sen. Mark Udall also called for equal pay, and like Clinton, he also paid his female staff less than their male counterparts.

Where the RNC found a gender gap was among Independent men. Clinton trails among battleground state Independent men by 11-points (45%-34%) and her favorable to unfavorable ratio is an abysmal 39:56.

For those of you polling nerds out there, here are the details on the poll’s methodology:

Interviews were conducted May 3-7, 2015, using mix-mode interviewing. The margin of error for the entire sample, N=1500, is +/- 2.5% at the 95% confidence level.   N=600 interviews were conducted with a landline sample, N=600 interviews were conducted with a cell phone sample and N=300 interviews were conducted online.

Given all that, Coloradans should prepare themselves to be in the spotlight once again. That means added attention from presidential candidates who will surely make frequent stops here, and, of course, the dreaded onslaught of non-stop campaign ads.