New Belgium logoIt looks like New Belgium is finding that it can’t have its beer and sell it, too. We reported earlier this week that New Belgium’s discriminatory hiring practices and embrace of all things anti-fracking and anti-energy development ran smack into the economic realities of a small mining town.

Not accustomed to dissenting points of view, the brewer was shocked that an entire town would boycott the brewer after the brewer funded the very organization that is suing to close down a mine in town that employs over 200 people.

What’s an out-of-touch greenie to do? Take after the exalted leader, of course.  Hold a Beer Summit with local purveyors of the suds.  While the folks in Craig said the New Belgium representatives were congenial enough, Craiggers are not budging.

“Craig business owners said they don’t care where the money went; New Belgium supported a group that could kill the livelihood of Craig.

“It’s the company they supported. Regardless of how they supported them, they’re supporting them,” said Lori Gillam, owner of Stockmen’s Liquor.

The article also noted that New Belgium was working to regain the trust of Craig citizens.  How about not funding radical environmental terrorists that want nothing more than to wreak economic destruction on this small town?  That would be a first step.

With all of the left-leaning activism coming out of New Belgium from not hiring Republicans to sending letters opposing fracking to this, we say don’t back down now, Colorado.  We propose that those working in the energy industry as well as any non-Democratic beer drinkers give New Belgium the middle finger.

That’s right, we’re calling for a boycott across Colorado of New Belgium products. Do it now, PeakNation™. Do it for Craig.