Cliff-Willmeng-cropped-241x300Remember when fractivists had the upper hand politically?  It looks like, as a group, they have overplayed their hand. Now, local communities are fighting back against a war waged by fractivists funded by out-of-touch, out-of-state interests.  From the Denver Business Journal:

A few years after a series of anti-oil-and-gas ordinances and ballot initiatives cascaded through several towns in Colorado, some local governments are speaking up in favor of the state’s multibillion-dollar energy industry.

In the last few months, trustees in the tiny town of Platteville in Weld County and commissioners from counties near Denver have signed letters and passed resolutions that speak in favor of the industry and its high-paying jobs.

The moves stand in marked contrast to the local bans and moratoria designed to keep industry operations far away that were passed by local governments or voters in the last few years in Broomfield, Fort Collins, Lafayette, Longmont and the city and county of Boulder.

It’s also worth noting that former public enemy number one of oil and gas development, Jared Polis, rarely mentions the word fracking anymore. If you’re wondering why global warming enthusiasts, like Gov. John Hickenlooper and Big Money Enviros,  have cooled their heels on this topic, the answer is easy.

In the great fracking wars of Colorado, the frack-banners are battered and beaten.  Would a 2016 beatdown similar to the ones they received earlier this year be the final nail in the coffin for fractivists?  We dare them to find out.