Last week, we raised a red flag over the possibility that activist attorney and CU Law Professor Melissa Hart was being considered for the Colorado Supreme Court, and now the business community is following suit.

Photo credit: University of Colorado

Photo credit: University of Colorado

The Colorado Civil Justice League (CCJL) and Colorado’s National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) have both come out against Hart as a potential justice, believing she would be bad for business in the state. CCJL Executive Director Mark Hillman made the following statement about her record in the Denver Business Journal:

“Professor Hart’s writing demonstrates a strong anti-employer bias that is not compatible with a fair and neutral application of the law. It seems the employer is always at fault in her mind.”

Hart’s area of expertise is discrimination. Though, she was ironically the leading opponent of a 2008 constitutional ban on considering race or gender in state hiring, contracting and college admissions.

Simply put, she is one of those liberals that believe everyone is racist and minorities are always victims. And the Colorado Supreme Court deserves someone who is more open-minded than that.