Conservation ColoradoOne would think that an organization as partisan as Conservation Colorado, which has likely never given a drop of money to a Republican candidate, would at least try to mask the fact that the organization is really just a campaign arm of the Democratic Party.  At least for the sake of the FEC and IRS. Perhaps it was accidental, perhaps it was a giant case of we don’t give a f#@&, but here is what Conservation Colorado wrote in its annual scorecard under the heading of “Reaching Across the Aisle”.

“This year also brought a more divided legislature than recent years, meaning the need to work across the aisle was even more critical. We were pleased to find partners in both parties. In the Senate, Senator Beth Martinez Humenik co-sponsored energy efficiency legislation and Senator Larry Crowder voted to protect our public lands by opposing the land grab efforts. In the House, Representative Bob Rankin worked to find solutions to improve public land management and also supported common sense legislation like HB 1259 to legalize residential rain barrels. He was joined by others in his party, including Representative Jon Keyser, who spoke out in support of this legislation and the effort to give the bill a fair hearing on the Senate floor.”

In case it isn’t clear, Conservation Colorado packed all of its Republican support under a heading of “reaching across the aisle” – does that not mean that Conservation Colorado is self-identifying as a Democratic organization if all Republicans are listed under reaching across the aisle?

In case it was not obvious before that Conservation Colorado is a Democratic organization, we’re thrilled the group has clarified this for us.  The only question is – are the FEC and IRS aware of this political organization?