BernieSandersPolitical outlets have been quick to report on the enormous crowd that gathered to welcome self-described socialist (yes, literally) Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders to Colorado over the weekend.  According to reports, approximately 5,000 braved the heat to see their patron saint of the common man, who may or may not be as salt of the earth as he would like to portray.  Nonetheless, Sanders populism stands in stark contrast to Hillary’s elitism and his socialism is far to the left of Hillary.

Which way will the Democratic Party sway?

If attendance was votes, Sanders would win by a mile.  PeakNation™, you may remember Hillary’s ill-fated trip out here about a year ago in which she tried to sell tickets to hear her speak for $175 per person. In the end, she had to sell them on Living Social for $59.

And, there’s another difference between Hillary and Sanders. While Sanders welcomed all who could fit in the Denver gymnasium, Hillary came to Colorado with a big fat price tag. Again, man of the people vs. woman of the purse.

But, according the Washington Post, the Denver crowd is no anomaly:

“And as the story notes, while this crowd was the largest for Sanders since he began running for president last month, it’s far from the only big crowd he has drawn.  More than 3,000 people were at a Sanders event in Minneapolis at the end of May. Earlier this month, more than 700 people were at a Sanders rally at Drake University in Iowa. In early June, an overflow crowd turned out to hear Sanders in Keene, New Hampshire.”

Ultimately, neither of these candidates are ideal representatives for Colorado. Sanders is more apt to represent Cold War Russia with his socialist policies and Hillary is more crooked than than a plate of spaghetti noodles.

But, Democrats must choose the direction of the party.  Is there room in the Democratic Party for people who aspire to achieve the American Dream? Or, is the Democratic Party just a pretty face for socialism these days?  Will the Democratic Party stand for rampant corruption and shady financial deals?  These are questions Democrats must ask themselves when voting for its presidential candidate in the primary. The future of the Democratic Party is at stake and, at some point, Democrats must choose their adventure.