Craig ColoradoFour Western Senators have banded together to help save the Colowyo Mine from government intrusion by sending a letter to Secretary of the Interior Jewell.  Only one Senator was from Colorado.  Can you guess which one did not sign the letter?  We’ll give you a hint – Sen. Gardner signed the letter.

Sen. Michael Bennet did not sign the letter.  Where is he when hundreds of jobs in Craig Colorado are on the line, threatened by radical fractivsts and the federal government?  The folks in Craig would probably like to know.

Here an excerpt from the letter:

Colowyo is vital to the regional economy, employing over 200 people at the mine and providing coal for electricity generation to our states. These employees, the surrounding communities, and businesses should be made aware of the agency’s plans and whether or not OSM will appeal the decision alongside Colowyo. As such, we encourage you to hold a community meeting in the region to start a discourse and ensure concerns are addressed.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your actions thus far and request that you appeal the Court’s decision. Thank you for your time and attention, and we look forward to hearing back whether you will hold a community meeting in this region.

This seems perfectly rational. Why wouldn’t Bennet join this letter?  Is anybody asking?  Hey, mainstream media, this is your cue.