Polly Lawrence

Rep. Lawrence

Republicans are always trying to show people that government isn’t the answer to every single problem, and this week they get to utter a big fat “I told you so.” A controversial program that provided IUDs to teenage girls and women didn’t get state funding during the legislative session, but thanks to private sector dollars it gets to continue.

Funny how things can still work without government interference. Liberals everywhere remain stunned.

Private money launched the IUD program in 2009. Democrats attempted to send $5 million from the general fund to keep the program going, but their efforts fell short. While most Republicans were fine seeing the program continue under private funding, they were unwilling to spend taxpayer money on it.

When interviewed by Colorado Public Radio on the topic, state Rep. Polly Lawrence (R-Roxborough Park) has this to say:

“Because we didn’t fully fund it from the state, private money is coming in. That tells me there is a desire in the private sector to fund this and I don’t see what the state needs to step in.”

Exactly. Now, rinse and repeat.