Jeffco Public SchoolsAccording to multiple sources, the teachers union is moving forward with its plans to recall three reform-minded board members in Jeffco. For those not following along at home, that’s Ken Witt, John Newkirk, and Julie Williams.

What’s particularly funny about this is that the union, which will claim that it is not behind this recall effort (but, shhhhh! it is), just approved a deal for teacher pay with the district and board.  And, sure, who could forget the brouhaha around some of the missteps that the board has made, but those missteps should not overshadow the genuine good that’s come from this board.

Here are just a few things:

  • Charter school funding equity – Before this board, charter schools, despite being public schools, were funded at lower levels than other schools in the district. This board equalized their funding.
  • Teacher raises – The board gave teachers $21 million in raises over the past two years.  The prior two years? Yeah, teachers’ pay was frozen. Guess the other two union-aligned board members who were actually on the board during these pay freezes are the “good board members”. What jerks the reform board members are – giving raises to great teachers.
  • Free full-day kindergarten – The board approved free full-day kindergarten for all low-income students who needed it. What bastards this board is – keeping the interests of kids at heart.
  • Building a new school – The folks in Northwest Arvada are getting a new school, but Jeffco taxpayers aren’t getting another bill because the board and the administration saved money for this new building. How awful.

So, let’s definitely recall these horrible people before they help students any further. Our prediction? This ragtag crew of recallers will find there’s more support than they think out there for the board members.