Kerr Colorado News Agency

Sen. Andy Kerr

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court sent Kerr v. Hickenlooper, a case that seeks to undermine TABOR, back to federal court to be retried.  This seems like a good time to remind everyone that there is a group of liberal legislators who are working overtime to strip Coloradans of their right to vote on tax increases.  You know, the kind of tax increases like the $25 billion proposed by a new health care system or a $1 billion tax increase allegedly for education that actually had no assurances it would ever make it into the classroom?

In 2013, Colorado voters killed Amendment 66, the billion dollar tax increase, and we suspect voters will do the same for the upcoming $25 billion tax increase.  That’s why the Taxpayer Bill of Rights is so important.  It prevents liberals from taxing Coloradans into oblivion and strangling our economic progress.

Here is a partial list of those who have signed on to this lawsuit meant to undo TABOR:

  • Speaker of the State House Dickey Lee Hullinghorst
  • Democratic Sen. Andy Kerr
  • Former Democratic Rep. Claire Levy
  • Former Jeffco Board of Ed’er Jane M. Barnes
  • Former State Board of Ed’er Elaine Gantz Berman
  • Westminster Mayor Pro Tem Bob Briggs
  • Democratic Rep. Rep. Lois Court
  • Steamboat Springs RE-2 Board of Education Member Robin Crossan
  • Nancy Jackson, Arapahoe County Commissioner
  • Democratic Sen. Michael Merrifield
  • Former Sen. John P. Morse

Make sure you thank them for thinking that they know better how to spend your money than you.