The 14,000 Twitter users who follow U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette were otherwise engaged Wednesday and unable to participate in her confusingly-named online chat.


She used two different hashtags, #Fiveat5 and #5at5, and received only two questions, one of which she answered.

This was not the question she answered:  



Other Fiveat5 hashtag users were more interested in photography and music requests to a London station.

Over on the 5at5 hashtag was the granddaddy of softball questions from user Shrillerthanyou, who asked what she considered to be the three most pressing issues facing Colorado and what could be done to address them?

Now, there’s a question that screams out for a 180-character response.

We’ll keep you on tenterhooks no longer, DeGette’s answer was roads, affordable housing and student debt.

And how will each crisis be addressed? “I’m bringing stakeholders to the table, stay tuned & come work w/us.”

No wonder nothing ever gets accomplished in Washington.

Meanwhile, everyone else on the hashtag 5at5 was more interested in this: