Money IIIn an ironic twist, it now appears that the organizers of the Jeffco School Board recall could cost the district up to $650,000 if they do not gather the required 45,000 signatures in the next two weeks or so.  Here’s the irony – the alleged rationale behind the recall is that the union is mad the school board spent money on paid market rate for a superintendent and a board lawyer.

But, back to those signatures.  In case you come from the Lois Court School of Math, that works out to slightly more than 3,000 signatures per day.

Holy hell that’s a lot of signatures, especially when one considers that the group Jeffco United for the Union for Cindy Stevenson for Kids has raised approximately $10,000 for the entire effort so far.  To put this in context, that is $0.22 per signature.  That would be a bargain basement rate and should raise concerns about in-kind contribution reporting.  Our sources tell us that for that short of a turnaround, the rate per signature could be as high as $10 per signature.

Of course, that’s just getting the 45,000 signatures necessary to make the ballot. To be safe, Jeffco United for JCEA would have to probably gather 10 to 15% more at least, which is around 50,000 signatures.  That’s looking more like 3,333 signatures per day, unless the JCEA already started to collect these signatures, which would be super illegal. Then again, when has the JCEA ever played by the rules.

Nonetheless, it’s beginning to look like the proponents of the recall might actually be the biggest drain on Jeffco Schools resources of anyone.